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Founded by Eric Rice, the former General Manager of Bulkregister, the #8 Registrar in the world. -- laugh, buy and sell

Paying Top $$$ for Domains
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"I'd rather have Eric then any Harvard MBA grad. He just gets stuff done." -Tom Nealon, CFO  ---- "Bulkregister was built into a cash machine by Eric and his team." -Tom Cunningham, former CEO Bulkregister


Case Studies Presentation: T.R.A.F.F.I.C. NY 2007

Case Study 1:

Domains For Media LLC has taken on a key role in the development and direct advertising sales of - The Value of domain traffic domain was never considered for purchase by casino and gaming industry organizations. Casino's and gaming facilities missed an opportunity to purchase this and many other relevant domain names due to their lack of understanding of the valuable traffic. - Website Statistics was purchased for a mere $50,000. In early 2006, the decision was made to develop this domain to capitalize on the potential lead generation and fully maximize the traffic. After development delivers:

  1. 3,000,000 page views per month
  2. Approximately 70,000 loyal members
  3. Adding 175 new members per day
  4. 1000's of daily direct "type-ins"
  5. #1 in Google search for "video poker"
  6. Targeted, quality traffic and loyal user base

Impressions are being sold on a CPM basis. The Domains For Media LLC sales team is currently conducting direct sales to casinos, advertising, media, and interactive agencies, state lotteries and others in the gaming industry vertical. The monetary value of traffic is currently valued at approximately $50,000 p/month. The full monthly media revenue is expected to be sold out in 8 months. - Member Profile

  1. 56% Male, 46% Female
  2. 60% > $50K income, 21% > $100K income
  3. 29% are 55+ years of age
  4. 80% visit a casino 1x per year
  5. 50% visit casinos > 6x per year
  6. > 50% visit Las Vegas, NV at least once per year - Traffic Valuation and Monetization

  1. $15-$25 CPM = $45,000 - $75,000 per month revenue
  2. Up Sell Opportunities to VP Members:
    1. 20% Membership participation at $50 per year membership upgrade = $750,000 annual incremental revenue
    2. Revenue will increase as membership grows - Value to Casinos

  1. 50% of the 70,000 members visit Vegas 1x per year
  2. $175 Million spending power by members in Las Vegas alone
    1. 35,000 x $5,000 average spent at hotel and casino
  3. If a casino captures 5% = $8.75 Million additional revenues
    1. Banner advertising, incentives, discounts, direct marketing
  4. What is the recurring value of a loyal casino patron over the next 5, 10, 20 years?
  5. Bottom line = Hundreds of millions, potentially billions of dollars for casino

Advantages of Purchasing Domain Names

  1. By owning the domain you own the entire channel and all avenues to profit
  2. You don't share traffic or customers with your competition
  3. You own the customer and can dialogue with them in your community
  4. You own the domain forever at today's domain costs
  5. You rely less on paid search, banners and other online media buys
  6. Domain "type in" traffic converts at higher rates than other types of traffic
  7. You drive your advertising costs down
  8. If you are in the associated business you can take the traffic to its "highest and best use" getting much quicker payback


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