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Founded by Eric Rice, the former General Manager of Bulkregister, the #8 Registrar in the world. -- laugh, buy and sell

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"I'd rather have Eric then any Harvard MBA grad. He just gets stuff done." -Tom Nealon, CFO  ---- "Bulkregister was built into a cash machine by Eric and his team." -Tom Cunningham, former CEO Bulkregister


Case Studies

Case Study 2:

Eric Rice Organizes Purchase of

As seen here: has been transferred to its new owners, an LLC group that snapped up the domain in the recent Moniker/T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East silent auction for $370,000. That domain was part of a flood of completed auction sales that dominate our new weekly top sellers chart.

By now just about everyone on the planet has heard the story - Sports Illustrated magazine even wrote about it. It originally looked like the Dallas Cowboys had bought the domain for $275,000 in the Moniker/T.R.A.F.F.I.C. live auction but the NFL team then claimed they thought they were bidding $275 instead of $275,000! So Moniker put the
domain back up for sale in a silent auction where the winning group outbid several other new suitors to take the name for $95,000 more than the football team could have had it for just days before. As ESPN's Chris Berman would say - FUMBLE!!

Eric Rice, organized the purchase. Sahar Sarid of the Recall Media Group is a member of the LLC that bought He invited his fellow co-owners to a party at his South Florida home after the deal was closed and has posted a couple of videos from that event at his blog that we think you will enjoy.

"Its kinda like dollar cost averaging in the stock market. Would you rather own 1 or 2 good domains or 5% of 100 great domains, all being managed and developed by proven industry leaders?"

- Eric Rice

Great Article by Terri Wells

Dallas Cowboys Give up Play for

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