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Founded by Eric Rice, the former General Manager of Bulkregister, the #8 Registrar in the world. -- laugh, buy and sell

Paying Top $$$ for Domains
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"I'd rather have Eric then any Harvard MBA grad. He just gets stuff done." -Tom Nealon, CFO  ---- "Bulkregister was built into a cash machine by Eric and his team." -Tom Cunningham, former CEO Bulkregister




We find that the typical domainer is leaving 20%-50% of the potential revenue of their domains on the table. Think about how many domains you have to buy to increase your monetization revenue by even 20%. It is important that you maximize what you have. Please contact us to discuss improvements in your monetization. Eighty-percent of the clients we
work with see an increase in revenue. Our clients are also rewarded by getting the exclusive rights to domains that we broker for large portfolio owners, registrars and others in the industry. In the first 2 months of 2007 alone we brokered over $2 million dollars in revenue domains and portfolios.








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