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Founded by Eric Rice, the former General Manager of Bulkregister, the #8 Registrar in the world. -- laugh, buy and sell

Paying Top $$$ for Domains
High Rev Share Parking Case Study Case Study Case Study Case Study Case Study Case Study

"I'd rather have Eric then any Harvard MBA grad. He just gets stuff done." -Tom Nealon, CFO  ---- "Bulkregister was built into a cash machine by Eric and his team." -Tom Cunningham, former CEO Bulkregister


High Rev Share Parking

We monetize thousands of dollars per day across our domains. We have partnerships with industry leading parking providers who allow us to aggregate traffic at high revenue shares. Please contact us to join our industry leading revenue shares and find out which providers we are partnered with.

Our proprietary technology is the best solution in the industry for turning traffic into cash. In testing we have found a model that helps almost any domain owner see more revenue. We never asked to be paid unless we bring you ideas to make money.
Domain Per Domain Testing
We understand that not every domain belongs at one parking provider so we have relationships with several others to help you optimize your entire portfolio on a domain per domain basis. This almost always increases total portfolio revenue by 25-50%.

Email us today to see sample "domain per domain" results on a specific portfolio.

We offer the highest payouts in the industry due to the millions of advertising impressions we have aggregated. Whether you have one domain or 100,000 domains you can ride our buying cartel which places millions and millions of impressions with our providers. And by using us you get services like portfolio brokering, custom support, manual optimization of every domain, portfolios for sale alerts and you make more money.

Unique Optimization Allows Huge Increases in Revenue
Our optimization has proven itself over and over again with high click through rates. The parking system will analyze and auto optimize page template and targeted keywords based on over 15 variables. Our self-optimizing system knows how to recognize expired or type-in domain traffic and adjust accordingly. Most importantly our portfolio team is always manually optimizing your low CTR domains.
Results Don't Lie
The results are the same over and over again, More Money.

The following features help multiply your dollar earned:

We have an incredible revenue deal with our provider Google, one of the highest in the industry so we have more to give you. We also have Tier 2 deals and place the highest paying advertiser with the appropriate keyword.
We have revolutionary optimization and page layout increasing conversion and revenue per click and revenue per thousand visitors.
We manually optimize every domain in your portfolio for you.
We reoptimize at your request saving you hours of work.
We take less of your money, leaving you with more in your pocket.



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